Page Status Update & Hashtag Issues

So today I was told that certain people were (very upset) about one of the hashtags being used on the page.
Instead of inquiring, Some took to FB in what I was told were some nasty rants. (I do NOT use FB other than these pages, so I was not aware NOR did I read them)
Originally I told him that I didn’t care what people say about me or my page (I really don’t), but when he told me what the problem was I decided to send this out to clarify a couple of things…
When I use a Hashtag such as: #KFDStrong #Never55 #NoMedicsAvailable #Solomonstrong #KokomoStrong #95% or some of the others i may have used or forgotten over the years, it wasn’t because of something I just made up on my own to support or upset people, It is usually because I was “asked to” by a Fireman an Officer or a MEDIC in this case…or whomever.
I usually know the reasoning, but when they tell me it will help with whatever thing they want addressed or cause supported, I am all in!
In the case of the #NoMedicsAvailable, we were asked to use it. The reasoning sounded great at the time so we agreed. NO ONE messaged us about any disapproval!
SO…you all need to work that out among yourselves because your opinions are VERY different. I have NO game in it! ALL calls were being handled one way or the other. But I will quit using it till I speak to the person that originally asked.
All you had to do was ask and I could have explained it or you could have let me know why it may not have been appropriate and I would have possibly not used it. I have told people NO on things they wanted me to do in the past because I thought it would not look good.
The ONLY hashtags that I made up on my own and used was the #NewAndImproved. I was asked (nicely) to please stop, so i did. And #Hotcall
I didn’t write this with any anger or irritation at all, just wanted to clarify that all you have to do is usually ask, and maybe it’s you that took something the wrong way OR maybe enlighten me! This fight is among yourselves.
(ALSO) I had to step away from KS for quite a while for personal and health issues and have been helping another Incident Page… Against my better judgement, I am back.
I want to thank the admins that stepped up and took care of the page while i was absent.
Things may look a little different here now. The person that took care of most of the Community Based Content has also stepped away for personal & health reasons. They spent a lot of time looking thru Facebook for community things to post or share. I do not look thru Facebook at all. I am a Twitter Person.
I don’t even read comments on these pages unless i am asked to. I have also asked my other admins to try and stay out of the comments as much as possible as I believe they and FB are toxic.
I have also (re-told) those that want to show me what others say on Facebook to stop. I don’t read that stuff!
We will probably start to look more like the Incident Reporting page we started as.
We will still share the lost pets and any other content shared with us as we deem fit to the main page.
As usual, postings will be sporadic thru out the holidays as we spend more time with our families. Thanks for your understanding.
We don’t do this for money, likes or notoriety. We do it because we want to…. Until we don’t.
Thank you for visiting the page.