My thoughts about the comments made of the radio system and the incident at the courthouse.

In regards to some of the comments being made about the radio system and the incident at the courthouse on Monday, I’m going to make an observation and I make it with some level of understanding. The (orange panic button) on these radios is used for when an officer is in distress… NOT for when he’s on an assault he’s dealing with. From what I’ve heard and what I’ve been told there was no reason for an officer to push his emergency on his radio. Court Officers were notified of the disturbance, responded and dealt with it and in a most expeditious manor. If I’m in a fight and can’t talk on the radio I push the panic button. If I’m being sent to a fight between other people, I don’t push my button. I get on the radio and ask for assistance. I am also very critical of this radio system, but in this case it was not the issue. The only issue I would take is the sheriff’s department had declared a signal 100 for an incident that was occurring in the county and the main radio channel was to be silent.. When the bailiffs switched over to the main channel they did not know it. But it DID NOT effect the response in any way.. In my honest opinion, anytime an officer needs to declare a signal 100 for clearing a building or a car they should go to “Channel 2” in case another incident kicks off of greater importance. The same thing happened the other night when a KPD officer declared a signal 100 for an Open Door while there was a gas station attack going on… which restricted officers from talking. An HCSD officer arrived on scene first and initiated a foot chase with the suspect, but dispatch couldn’t tell the other responding KPD officers because they were on a silent Channel. The dispatcher tried to advise the responding officers on channel 2, but they weren’t currently scanning it… But that’s a director problem that also needs addressed.