Common Sense

I want to say a big Thank You to all of our followers, but I want to take a minute to remind EVERYONE who gets on Facebook while at their places of employment….

Our page can be of great source of information of whats going on around you that you may not be aware of, I.e. An Active Shooter outside the Tipton Chrysler Plant you were not told about…. A Robbery at the One Stop Express….. An Overdose at a Gas Station or Motel… Etc. Etc. Etc…
IF you are at work and decide to use our platform to contribute information to an incident, PLEASE keep in mind ANY Social Media Policies your work may have in place. Taking pictures and posting to Social Media may be prohibited in your work place and get you fired. Commenting that you work at said convenience store or factory may get you noticed. PLEASE don’t get fired from your job for using KokomoScanner. Please use common sense.
Last night i had to hide a few pictures taken inside a workplace because I would imaging the employer would frown on said pictures or videos.
I am NOT going to do this in the future. I do NOT know all of your different companies policies, and don’t like acting like Big Brother. I have no business protecting you. Too much responsibility on my head.
And while on the topic of pictures: I do allow pictures to be posted as long as its NOT at fatal or severe injury accidents. Minor accidents? Post away! My wife and daughters cars have been in a couple of posts. I may have made the scanner page myself on occasion. Use common sense. #RESPECT others. Do NOT interject yourself into a scene for a picture of anything else.
If a particular post has something to do with you or someone you know, DON’T out yourself to the world in comments! I am NOT going to delete a post because you are embarrassed or offended. MAYBE for a victim, but NEVER for a Suspect!
Thanks again